Formerly Nick's Precision Dry Ice Blasting

Delivered with care, precision and expertise

Fast, Effective, Safe

  • Removes Tar

  • Fire Restoration

  • Clean Stone Patios & much more!

Fast and effective with minimal disruption

Many applications can be done on site and in place. No need to dismantle machinery!
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Aggressively cleans without damage

Unlike sand grains, plastic or soda beads, dry ice pellets will not damage the surface being cleaned.
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100% "green" & safe cleaning solution

Dry ice blast cleaning is environmentally friendly with no toxic chemicals or gases
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Unique 3-in-1 process with the science behind it

Air pressure, extreme cold, and hyper expansion combine to radically clean
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Introduction to Crystal Clean Dry Ice Blasting

Recent advances in technology have made dry ice blasting an increasingly practical and affordable alternative to traditional cleaning methods such as sand, soda or water blasting and manual cleaning with solvents.
Crystal-cleaning almost any surface is fast and effective!
Oil, pitch, tar and asphalt are no match against dry ice blasting!
Crystal-cleaning the residue off food processing and manufacturing equipment!
Decades of dirt and grime gone in seconds.
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What Our Customers Say... 

“My company has been transporting bitumen for decades, and I’ve never seen faster, better results cleaning hard-baked tar and asphalt off our equipment than what Nick and his team deliver through dry ice blasting. In a word, it’s amazing!”
Danny P.
Stamford, CT

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New York
Rhode Island
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