How it Works

Unique 3-in-one-Process

  1. Dry ice pellets ("rice") are expelled from a Jet nozzle with compressed air from a special machine set precisely for the surface being cleaned. 
  2. At a cool -109° Fahrenheit, the low temperature of the "rice" causes the surface contaminant to instantly shrink and lose adhesion from the substrate.
  3. On impact, the pellets vaporize to carbon dioxide gas and increase in volume by about 700 times, separating the contaminant from the base and pulverizing it into dust.

The Science of Dry Ice Blasting

Thermal Kinetic Effect
CO² pellets contact the warmer original surface, causing the dry ice to instantly vaporize, expand under the harmful material, and “blast off” the contaminants.
Microthermal Shock
Compressed air with CO² pellets instantly freeze and shrink surface contaminates, which lose adhesion to the surface
Kinetic Energy
Compressed air with CO² pellets hits surface at between 80 and 150 psi

Why it's Best

Why Crystal Clean Dry Ice Blasting is Best — Lots of Reasons!

Faster and More Effective - Dry-ice blasting’s unique expansion effect and flushing action allows it to clean more thoroughly, and the process is fast.

  • No drying time or dangerous solvents to be removed
  • Removed coatings and contaminants can be swept or vacuumed up
  • No secondary residue!

Environmentally Friendly & Safe - Dry ice is made out of reclaimed CO².

  • Upon impact, the CO² pellets sublimate to a non-toxic, odorless gas that dissipates into the air.
  • Approved by the FDA, EPA and USDA
  • Safe for use on industrial applications including food and beverage processing
  • A 100% green cleaning solution!

Non-destructive / Non-conductive / Non-flammable - Dry ice pellets are much softer than other cleaning media like sand grains, plastic or soda beads.

  • Will not mar or damage the surface being cleaned
  • Pellets are non-conductive and non-flammable
  • Safe for use on electrical components as well as surfaces contaminated with flammable residues

Extends Equipment Life 

  • Removes surface coatings without damaging sensitive components
  • Improves performance and extends equipment life
  • Saves on costly repairs and replacements

Increases Facility Uptime - Many dry ice cleaning applications can be done on site and in place.

  • Eliminates the need to dismantle machinery, greatly reducing downtime
  • Removed coatings and contaminants can be easily swept or vacuumed up
  • No drying time or secondary residue like water, harsh chemicals or hazardous solvents

What it Delivers




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